Gene Activity

Gene activity refers to the level of transcription and translation of genetic information into functional products such as proteins or non-coding RNAs. The analysis of gene activity can provide insights into how genes are regulated and how their expression is influenced by various factors. At Karda Genomics, we offer comprehensive gene activity analysis services to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of gene regulation and function.

Our gene activity analysis services include the preprocessing of raw RNA-seq data, quality control checks, and gene expression quantification. We utilize a variety of tools and methods to analyze gene activity, including differential gene expression analysis, pathway and gene ontology enrichment analysis, and network analysis. Our approach can help identify genes that are differentially regulated under different experimental conditions, providing insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of complex biological processes.

Understanding gene activity is crucial in various areas of research, including basic biological studies, disease diagnosis, and drug discovery. By using our gene activity analysis services, professionals can gain a better understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of genes, identify potential drug targets, and develop more effective treatments for various diseases.

Preprocessing steps:

  • Quality control: assessing the quality of raw sequencing data and filtering out low-quality reads.
  • Differential gene expression analysis: comparing expression levels between different experimental conditions to identify genes that are differentially expressed.
  • Normalization: adjusting for technical variability between samples to enable meaningful comparisons.

Possible downstream tasks:

  • Clustering: grouping genes based on similarity in expression patterns to identify gene modules or functional pathways.
  • Functional analysis: analyzing the function of differentially expressed genes to understand their roles in biological processes (GO-term analysis of differentially expressed genes)
  • Principal component analysis
  • Enrichment analysis: identifying enriched biological pathways or gene ontology terms to gain insights into the biological processes underlying gene expression changes.
  • Signature analysis: identifying gene expression signatures that are associated with specific disease states or cellular processes.
  • Protein-protein interaction networks

The number of downstream analyses that become available is constantly expanding and Karda Genomics supports all recent approaches.

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